Dear Visitors, the Customer Terms And Conditions (hereinafter: CTC in some cases Contract) contains the rules and regulations for shopping in the online store of (MAGNETITE GLOBAL LLP; Cnr.: OC390685; address: Office 5 The Round House Dormans Park Road, East Grinstead, United Kingdom, RH19 2EN; hereinafter: MAGNETIT in some cases Company). Please, if you would like to become a CUSTOMER of THE MAGNETIT ONLINE STORE SELLING SERVICES AND PRODUCTS (hereinafter: MITW), read this CTC carefully and be a CUSTOMER of MITW (the “Customer”) only if you agree to all of this and consider it binding on you. Please do not use our website if you do not agree with this! 

I. Object of the Agreement

This Customer Application and Agreement to MITW (hereinafter: Agreement) contains the terms and conditions under which a person becomes entitled to purchase MITW Services and Products (hereinafter: MITW Services). This Agreement includes the Application, this CTC, the Online store Business Rules, the Customer Information, the Business Policy, the Legal Disclaimer, the Privacy Notice, and additional documents issued by MAGNETIT from time to time, all of which may be accessed and you can view them on the website. Please read them all carefully! By accepting this CTC, we consider its contents to be accepted, but please do not use our website if you do not agree with it! MITW is operated by MAGNETIT and is owned by MAGNETIT.

II. General provisions

  • Purchases by Customers on the MAGNETIT website are only possible after registration. There is no possibility to buy without confirmed registration!
  • Only services or products provided to customers by Partners (companies or organizations) contracted with the Company may be purchased on our website.
  • In all cases, only one internal currency, called a Credit, can be used for the purchase.
  • Prior to the purchase, the Customer is obliged to complete the billing and other data required by law.

III. Some additional rules of purchase

  • The Customer can top up their Customer Euro balance with the amount needed to make the purchase before starting the purchase. The Customer's balance may be topped up by bank transfer in Euro only, upon receipt of which the Company will credit the Customer's balance. In case of any other currency, please first convert the money to be transferred into Euros. The Customer may then pay for the services and/or products they wish to purchase from their recharged balance.
  • The payment of the purchase price is not only possible from the Customer's top-up balance, but can also be made by credit card.
  • Once the purchase price has been paid, the Customer authorises the Company to forward the purchase price to the Product Partner. The Company is only entitled to carry out the assignment procedure if the payment of the service and/or product to the Partner is possible in full, i.e. the consideration is available in full on the Customer's balance or the Customer has paid the required amount by credit card. If this is not possible, the Company will notify the Customer and the Partner and the order will be modified or cancelled as necessary.
  • The Product Partner contracted with the Company shall, following a successful concession procedure, provide the Customer with the ordered services and/or products as contractually agreed.

The general rules of the purchase are provided in the Customer Information.

IV. Modification of the Customer Terms and Conditions

This Agreement may be amended by the Company at any time without notice. Any notice given to the Customer by the Company or any of the Company's Business Partners in connection with the above changes, or the appearance on this website, shall be deemed to be a valid notice including but not limited to information available in Customer’s Web Office. By using the services or products of this website, the Customer automatically consents to the amendment of the Agreement. The Customer confirms that the provisions of this Section IV are reflected in the Customer's decision to enter into this Agreement.