Dear Visitors! This Business Policy contains the provisions of (MAGNETITE GLOBAL LLP; Cnr.: OC390685; address: Office 5 The Round House Dormans Park Road, East Grinstead, United Kingdom, RH19 2EN;hereinafter: MAGNETIT). This business policy forms an integral, inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions. If you wish to be a customer or partner of our webshop, please read this business policy carefully and use our services and products only if you agree with all its points and consider yourself bound by them.


  • The name MAGNETIT comes from the word magnetite, whose magnetic properties are well known, and our word magnet is a good proof of this. Magnetite attracts metals, and the MAGNETIT webshop attracts SMART shoppers! These concepts faithfully reflect the essence of MAGNETIT: personalized, forward-looking and professional services and products based on a high degree of trust and collaboration, tailored to the maximum of individual needs.
  • The founders of MAGNETIT use their business experience gained over the years to provide customers with services and products that fully meet customer expectations and to help fill the spirit of MAGNETIT's services with meaningful content.
  • According to the business spirit professed by MAGNETIT, the attention of the personal relationship, the partnership of trust, can convey to both our current partners and our future business and other sector connectors the feeling that defines the essence of the "MAGNETIT" service.
  • MAGNETIT tries to get to know the needs of the Customers from the very beginning of the cooperation and during the customer management they can even assess the expectations of the Customers in the framework of a personal consultation. As part of this, our independent recommenders recommend to prospective Buyers the services or products that best suit their priority criteria based on their personal values.


  • MAGNETIT's main goal is to provide our customers and recommenders (hereinafter: our customers) with discounted services and products that our customers can apply and use in their daily life in the most advantageous way.
  • It was also extremely important when choosing the services that there should not be an obstacle to which country of the world the customers live in. Of course, this goal can only be achieved if potential customers have independent access to services anytime, anywhere - only online services can meet this.
  • At the same time, our goal is to provide our services to anyone interested, with the right content and quality, thus maintaining a constant interest in our services.


  • First and foremost, as a customer, we expect those who like our services or products, feel like it, or can use it in their lives.
  • We also consider persons over the age of 14 as potential customers who, as an independent provider, may benefit from a financial advantage from recommending our services and products.
  • Indirectly, our clients can also be companies and employers who want to develop and maintain the skills of their employees through the services we provide.


  • Our principle is security. Promoting the protection of the health and safety of our customers and their material and intellectual property is an integral part of our business policy. That’s why we conduct ongoing risk assessments of our services and products to identify sources of danger. We provide our recommenders with knowledge appropriate to their activities and involve them in the formulation and daily implementation of our objectives.
  • We provide ongoing information to ensure that our security and safety policies are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.
  • We strive to provide opportunities for our recommenders to make the most of their qualifications and skills for the benefit of MAGNETIT and themselves, and to make the most of them in the given field to the best of their ability.


  • Our goal is to recommend high-quality, reliable services and products that satisfy the current quality needs of our users, serve and maintain their satisfaction. With continuous quality improvement, we want to gain and maintain the trust of our partners and increase our competitiveness.
  • With our measures, we strive to provide a suitable background for quality recommender work in order to operate economically. To this end, all our independent recommenders are responsible for the quality and continuous improvement of their own work.
  • In order to meet customer expectations to the maximum, our customer service and independent recommenders regularly monitor and perform quality inspections of our products and services. In this way we can promote their compliance and continuous improvement of their quality.


  • We believe that we have a duty to protect and protect our environment, which is why the environmental improvements of our partners are an essential part of efficient and effective business management.
  • We strive to maximize our environmental performance, so we primarily provide online services to our customers and document our activities online without the use of paper.
  • The application of environmental laws and regulations play a leading role in our operations, therefore we continuously evaluate, control and review the environmental impacts of our activities.
  • We strive for the economical use and substitution of natural resources and materials, and for this reason we constantly encourage our recommenders to perform their duties in accordance with this policy. In our environmental policy, we have set ourselves the goals of prevention, responsible thinking and full compliance.


  • MAGNETIT strives to develop attractive constructions for its customers at reasonable prices, offering as many discounts as possible, in accordance with the legal regulations and in accordance with the legal regulations.
  • Discounts are recorded in the MAGNETIT business policy. It publishes the business policy discounts - their form, extent and conditions - on the MAGNETIT website, registration is not required to find out.
  • MAGNETIT reserves the right to unilaterally modify its business policy benefits at any time in its sole discretion. The modification of the business policy discounts is considered by MAGNETIT to have been published on its website and can be applied with immediate effect.
  • The currently applied discounts of MAGNETIT are recorded in the appendix.


  • MAGNETIT reserves the right to change its business policy at any time, in any form, within the limits set forth therein. The change will take effect upon the decision of the management - with the publication on the website regarding the business policy benefits.
  • MAGNETIT excludes its liability for any change in its business policy to the detriment of anyone in any form.

Valid from: 01.10.2020.